Here comes the most confusing question, Is ICO legal in the USA or not? Well, this question can be answered in a single word and also on a full page. The single one-word answer is NO, you can’t run an ICO in the USA. But there is something to celebrate as well as saying goes devil is in details. You can launch an ICO in the USA as well but it needs a lot of legal work and of course hefty legal fees.

Initial coin offering is officially illegal in the USA and the regulations are very strict regarding this issue. But there is a way to launch it but within the legal framework of securities.

You can run an ICO for security like Ethereum is security as its value is determined by the coin itself. You can run a token sale for the utility token as well.

Isn’t it confusing? Either you can run or not what is in between here. We explain it in simple words. For better ICO results in the USA, you need to take the advice from a professional legal adviser. You need to pay around $200K to a top law firm to get legal advice and other professional fees range to $600-1000K. So to launch an ICO in the USA you need to have a budget of around $2M. If you have this amount then you can launch your own ICO.

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