An Initial Coin Offering, also known as ICO, is nothing but a mechanism for fundraising. Its core principle is to cell tokens in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency. It a bit resembles the Initial Public Offering. The difference is that in case with IPO, investors buy shares of a company.

Being relatively new thing on a market, ICO has quickly become the most discussed topic in the blockchain and crypto community. Some say that ICOs need to be strictly regulated to avoid situations when founders rise unjustified amounts of money. Others say ICOs are a true revolution in the fundraising process. The core feature of all ICOs is that they are rising money for a product that does not even exists yet.

ICO opened a brand new opportunity for people with bright ideas to get a capital and bring those ideas to life. But the question is how. How to attract investors? How to let people know that there is a new token, which needs to be bought? How to make crypto community interested? The answer as simple as it can be: any product needs to be promoted. The most common way to promote ICO is post it on ICO rating platform, preferably with a high authority.  Option number two is to list tokens on crypto exchanges. There are hundreds of exchanges offering listing services out there. Some of them are giants of the industry and charge a corresponding fee for such service. Small exchanges on the contrary, do not ask much, but may attract less crypto people.

Talking about good exchange platforms offering a token listing, Binapex seems like an ideal solution. This exchange attracts a lot of visitors with its unique functions, thus new tokens will not go unnoticed. Alongside with that, the fees are reasonable and in case if the token can’t be listed, Binapex makes a full refund.

There are hundreds of ICOs starting everyday. All of them promise to make this world a better place and investor richer men. But nobody said that there are no scams among them. That is why it is highly recommended not to make any investment decisions without proper research.

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