Want to know what the next best cryptocurrency is? Have you been showing interest in the cryptocurrency trade ever since the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos in 2017? Are you confused about how to go about investing in the new cryptos? With the increasing amount of cryptocurrency powered technologies on the rise, it becomes confusing to decide on what to invest. Well here is a list of the best crypto ICOs on the market with high investments from the constantly updated and well researched www.icohotlist.com



SGAT Technologies

Ankr Network

ARAW Token



Icohotlist features a curated list that is constantly updated and provides a lot of information on the icos they showcase.  The list shown now is the best cryptocurrency ICO in the market now, hurry up and invest some coins in them before their sale ends. Some of these ICOs have great potential and can provide the world with great services upon their release, your funding will be greatly appreciated and required for the growth of these companies and their product. Be sure to check out their websites, social media links and keep track of their progress to know much better about where they stand and what they offer.

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