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The plan of presale of coins of digital money or token of a blockchain venture has evolved as an insane effective instrument to raise assets for the improvement of upcoming application.

While most Ethereum initial coin offeringin the past has been limited to building another digital currency, the smart contracts of Ethereum price empower new companies to additionally utilize ICOs to fund advancement. Thebulk of them is working with Initial coin offering Ethereum itself. To name a few:


The Golem venture means to build a decentralized supercomputer, to which members can contribute from their own particular PC and win cash by offering its power.


Iconomi is a platform for the organization of virtual assets. The ICN token is something like shares on the venture and ought to get parts of the profits. Presently, it has a huge market capitalization.

First Blood

It’s an Asian ICO for decentralized Sportsbet that was concluded in a few seconds.


SingularDTV wants to unite Ethereum, smart contracts and the generation and streaming of video recordings.

With side chain Rootstock and Hivemind, two Initial coin offering upcoming, they ought to be on the list of any ICO geek. Be that as it may, it isn’t known whether the engineers plan to presale tokens.

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