Before ICO there were different typical ways for the development and expansion of the companies. The company had to start with the scratch and as the company starts building reputation it earns profits which then rests in the hands of owners of the company wholly but ICO i.e. Initial Coin Offering allowed the companies to get more investment by selling its stakes that then concluded the particular portion of the company belong to the stakeholder who is equally in share of the profit of the portion of stake the company holds.

These were the crypto currencythat are equivalent to IPO in prevailing investment world. In the exchange of bitcoin or eretheum , token are sold to investors and speculators as an ICO.

After the success of the bitcoin came up the alternative crypto currency that came up with better modification and more efficient than the bitcoin. No wonder they are build on the base of the bitcoin.They carryout the transanctions effectively in a cheaper rate than the bitcoins. The alternative coins basically have improved on factors that drew in as the drawbacks of the ICO and hence are more recognized in the market in today’s scenario. List of altcoins are as follows:





Basicattention token


This is how the ICO evolved to be ALTCOIN and the Tokenmarket ICO helps in listing the block chain token or virtual currency sales.

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