ICO calendar list shows you the list of all the upcoming and latest ICO that is initial coin offerings be it the case of bitcoin, ehereum, or any other. The ICO Calendar is the most authentic and appropriate way of looking and reading the about the ICOs including the ratings and reviews found side by side of the respective ICOs. The ICO calendar is also known to provide information to its users regarding the timeline of ICO that is the duration for which the ICO is available. Thus, the calendar [provides all the information that any investor would need to know what his ICO.


The most promising upcoming ICOs that are coming into picture in the year 2018 are as follows CitiCash that is known to make the work of the consumer easier by providing a link between wallet and the present day debit cards. Then the second most promising ICO is Humancoin, then the third one to the list is Real Estate Doc, the 4th promising ICO is Code of Talent, the fifth one to the list is MenaPay and 6thone falling to the list is Akropolis.


The upcoming ICOs are Tiberius Coin, V-ID Blockchain Powered Validation, Nebula genomics, VIDY, agate and many more to the list of upcoming ICO in the year 2018.

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