More often than not, we find ourselves discussing the idea for us to enter in to the coin world either from a collector’s perspective or financial standpoint.

After a brainstorming session ranging from various questions like “what is an initial coin offering?” or “should we do it?” to analysing different trends inmarket research, we tend to gain a lot of knowledge in the process.

Many reasons come in mind to considerthe prospect of gaining huge profits in something like this:

It is advisable to put a small percent of your investment in to some rare assets to reduce risk should inflation strike.

You are not liable to pay any taxes if there is no profit on your investment. So there is also no reporting to any government agency before investing thereby maintaining your privacy.

Some coins represent important aspects of history like heroic acts and achievements which is a collector’s dream.

Many follow the coin news updateon a daily basis.

An Italian sculptor and architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini was celebrated by a €2coin from San Marino.

Swiss army knife, the nation’s chocolate, is on the new 20franc coin to commemorate its designer Karl Elsener.

A commemorative coin celebrates Poland’s highest order, The Order of the White Eagle, awarded to military and civilians as well.

A $2 coin becomes the 22nd addition to Scottsdale Mint’s biblical series.

The Green Tree Python was honoured in a $100 coin by the Perth Mint.

A 25-ruble coin to honour military contest was launched by Russia.

Coin in the name of Genghis khan was auctioned earlier that may have saved lives of its possessors from the invader.

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