Some believe that a process of ICO is to work on any project and enable its creators in order to raise capital through crowdfunding. Well, the potential investors must be able to properly see the aspects on how can he earn from the token by investing. it is always important to consider on where and what you are investing your capital in, whether it be a new project or an existing one. Developersmust be able to answer the following questions abouttheir token:

How will your project benefit from other cryptographic token?

What can be done for more of the leveraging method?

What are your ultimate goals through token?

What you think on potential investors must be interested in buying your ICO’s tokens?

ICO token must be able to clearly rationalize the problem and have specific goals.Scanner ICO would recommend you the best or upcoming ICOs in the market and you can easily get abiding from them through the investments made. You got to have a good team where you can produce the best project in order to create good crowdfunding projects for your investors to have attention on for your capital rise.

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