A company which can start small and grow as its profits allow, remaining are beholden by the company owners while having to wait for funds in order to build up is known to be the way of ICO stock managing. Talking on the purpose and what is ICO, it is essential to know its upfronts for the cryptomarket at present. For traditional companies, there is a strategy on going of when toraise funds and which is necessary for the development and expansion. While unlike the other method they can simply can let the companies go public, where earning funds from individual investors on the ICO board by selling their shares through an IPO (initial public offering), thus this applies for even the ICOs upcoming through the time. In the IPO feature it includes that:

The investor receives shares from the stock for the exchange of investment.

Companies raising funds via ICO stockwhich provide a currency equivalent to a share.

Investors do pay in a token that is popular other than theirs.

There is no share after it goes with the stake holding.

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